We request you to adhere to the following guidelines throughout your Big Brainers experience:

Makeup Lessons

  • Please avoid making last-minute requests to reschedule the lessons - on rare occasions that you need to do that, please provide notice at least 24 hours in advance - otherwise, you will not get to reschedule or makeup the missed lesson

  • If a student or parent contacts us several times outside the time frame above, your student may become ineligible to receive makeup lessons

  • A makeup lesson will be offered once a month to students that missed out on lessons in that month, regardless of the number of lessons missed

  • Makeup lessons may have more than 3 students

  • Each student may only receive 1 makeup lesson per month

  • Special circumstances may allow the student to receive a temporary spot in another lesson batch - please contact us for more details

  • Lessons rescheduled by Big Brainers are not considered makeup lessons


  • The donation must be made by the deadline given by the volunteer reaching out to you

  • If interested in continuing the lessons, you must book the time slots for the next 2 months by the end of the day of the 2nd-last paid lesson; else, we may assume that you would like to terminate your lessons and like to discontinue after the last lesson

  • You can book the time slots by donating the fees for future lessons covering the student for 2 months


  • Make sure that your device is charged and ready to use before each lesson

  • Make sure that the student has all the required materials for each lesson

  • The student must have his/her webcam on during the lesson (to ensure they're paying attention and participating)

  • If the student misses a lesson without a 24 hours or more in-advance notice, he/she may not receive a makeup lesson

  • During the lesson, please don't have siblings registered in other time slots attend (please make the required donation for them as well if that's the case) - Big Brainers India is a completely not-for-profit initiative by hard working students volunteering their precious time to help kids and raise money

  • If given homework, please perform the due diligence in encouraging the student to complete it as it will supplement his/her learning very well

  • Student eligibility: Please review the individual subject page and make sure the student is eligible to sign up for Big Brainers lessons

  • During the lessons, please make sure that the student allows himself/herself as well as others to have a great Big Brainers experience

  • If the student thinks the lesson is too fast, slow, difficult, easy, or just not right, please contact us

All guidelines regarding Big Brainers India are subject to change without advance notice.