What is Big Brainers India?

Big Brainers India is not just an online tutoring organization, but rather a movement initiated for students, proudly by students. Big Brainers India is a branch of Big Brainers.

How will my personal information be used?

After you sign up for Big Brainers' lessons, your personal information (name, age, email, phone number, etc.) will solely be used by Big Brainers to process your sign up (assign a time slot based on the grouping level) and contact you for further details, reminders, and announcements.

How does Big Brainers India recruit volunteers?

We make sure multiple times that every volunteer not only has the adequate knowledge to teach a subject but also the right teaching skills needed to be qualified to volunteer at Big Brainers India. Because this initiative is completely student and volunteer-based, one of our first priorities is to ensure the students get to learn the way all students would want to!

How long is each lesson?

Each lesson is on a weekly interval and is 1 hour long. You will receive a time slot along with your sign up confirmation. If this time slot doesn't work for you, please let us know as soon as possible so we can try our best to accommodate you in another time slot.

How many kids are in one group?

Currently, each lesson will have one group of up to 4 kids based on age or and skill level. We ensure that the lessons still offer value-for-money and quality.

What if kid is shy?

All our instructors are very friendly and ensure that each student participates equally in each lesson. If a student isn't participating even after the instructor encourages them to do so, we will contact the parent(s) and let them know to encourage the student : )

What are the fees?

The required donation per lesson is ₹ 150/ lesson and we have 8 lessons in all . However, you are welcome to donate more. Although 100% of the proceeds are used for educating other unprevilidges children and the children with special needs.

Can I still sign up for Big Brainers lessons if I am an adult?

Everyone is a lifelong learner and we encourage you to sign up if you would like to advance yourself in one of the topics we offer. Short answer: Yes!

How will the Groups be created?

The groups for the lessons will be based upon skill or age, depending on the subject.

My question isn't listed here...

Feel free to contact us at questions@bigbrainers.in with any questions you may have.