"The English Language is a work in progress. Have fun with it"

- Jonathan Culve


Learn the most demanding language in the world, fluently. Big Brainers India started English to help children master it so that they can have a complete command over it. It helps to develop a child's vocabulary along with his/her communication skills. We also focus on writing skills and grammar.



  • Active Reading Strategies

  • Responding to the text both through journaling and discussing

  • Checking comprehension of key details, characters, setting, and conflict

  • Writing Conventions (capitalization, punctuation, spelling)

  • Identifying the main idea of the text

  • Deep-diving into various poems, books, stories, and articles

  • Exploring various forms of writing (creative, poetry, opinion, etc)


  • Answering comprehension questions by referencing the text

  • Inferring, predicting, and comparing texts

  • Describing theme, characters, setting, plot, and conflict of a text

  • Developing strong essay writing skills

  • Research and informational writing skills

  • Practice in various forms of writing (creative, persuasive, informational, etc)

  • Language & Grammar (Parts of Speech, Sentence Structure, Greek/Latin Roots, etc)


  • Preparation for 7th to 9th style English courses.

  • Citing and explaining evidence

  • Analyzing and explaining plot, characters, setting, and conflict of a text

  • Finding and describing the theme

  • Analyzing the usage of language and literary devices

  • Evaluating arguments and claims by analyzing the evidence given

  • Skillful writing craft and styles (informative, argumentative, creative, etc)

  • Essay Writing

  • Advanced Grammar (Greek/Latin roots, sentence structure, more parts of speech, etc)

Materials Needed

  • A Notebook/Journal for responding to prompts and completing assignments

  • Specified books for class book studies

  • A Big Brain to think creatively!