"Everybody in this should learn to program a computer,because it teaches you how to think"

-Steve Jobs


Big Brainers India's coding lessons are a great way to dive into the world of computer science or freely learn coding with a live instructor. Depending on the track you're part of, you'll learn various skills that will allow you to be more curious and create your own apps.

Learning to code doesn't necessarily label you as a programmer - in fact, it opens up various opportunities in many different fields. You could code hardware at a hospital and create the next generation of precise surgery equipment and save more precious lives. You could code personalized scripts that make your day more productive. You could code a program to design beautiful, next-level computer-generated art. You could code games that could reach the phones of billions of people. The possibilities are endless. Learning to code is a superpower. Learning to code could give you the greatest potential to help make the world a better place. Learning to code is becoming increasingly important.

Grouping Levels

based on student's skill level/previous experience/age.

Beginner Track

  • fundamentals learned

  • Recommended for kids ages 8+

  • Requires a basic understanding of arithmetic (math)

  • Recommended student has been exposed to basic algebra (operators, variables, equations)

  • Little / no prior coding experience

  • Will learn/obtain:

    • Scratch (block-based drag-and-drop coding)

    • Understanding of logic-based coding

    • Solving abstract programming problems from scratch

    • Understanding of basic logic structures (conditionals, loops, variables)

    • Experience debugging and improving programs

    • Experience using Python after learning the basics through Scratch

    • Further lessons would expand upon these skills and allow the student to progress to the advanced track once ready

  • Requires device with web browser


  • LEVEL A: Scratch - Intro to coding basics by learning variables, operators, conditionals, loops, and functions through fun game-like scenarios

  • LEVEL B: Python - Intro to text-based coding using the same

Advanced Track

  • Recommended for kids ages 11-15 years old

  • Some prior coding experience

  • Already understands basic coding concepts (conditionals, loops, arrays, functions)

  • Will learn/obtain:

    • Experience with object-oriented programming (OOP)

      • Classes + other OOP concepts (eg. inheritance)

    • Learn Java (popular + robust coding language)

    • Basic + complex data structures

    • Experience in completing a major programming challenge

      • Reinforce all concepts taught + learn debugging

    • Intro to Recursion

    • Use of Git / GitHub Version Control

    • Further lessons would expand upon these skills and challenge the student to use advanced logic and problem-solving skills to develop advanced, large-scale programs

  • Requires Windows, Mac, or Linux computer


  • LEVEL A: Intro to Java - Applying the fundamentals learned in the Beginner Track to a strongly-typed object-oriented language + strong focus on conceptual understanding

  • LEVEL B: Object-oriented Programming - Effectively using classes to create functional applications and learning about OOP principles such as inheritance

  • LEVEL C: More OOP - Diving deeper into OOP principles such as polymorphism and learning about interfaces and abstract data structures


  • Computer as specified for the level

  • Math / arithmetic knowledge

  • Eagerness to learn coding

  • A Big Brain to think logically!