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Big Brainers (a USA-based NGO) originally started out as ChessMate, a not-for-profit initiative in which Akshat gave private chess lessons since April 2020 with a mission of developing interest in and improving the chess skills of interested students. With an overwhelming response for chess lessons, Akshat, Aditya, and Sanika came together and streamlined all their efforts into one not-for-profit initiative: Big Brainers. ChessMate then revamped into Big Brainers, offering the high in demand chess lessons from ChessMate in addition to math and science lessons, starting early June 2020.

In December 2020, Akshat, Aditya, Sanika along with Anvik started a branch of Big Brainers in India, called Big Brainers India. Big Brainers India has always stood by and will always stand by the concept of affordable, high-quality lessons, for students, proudly by students.

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