Affordable, online, not-for-profit lessons for students, proudly by students.

Mission, Vision and Values


  • To deliver high-quality, online, not-for-profit lessons to young kids

  • To raise money for teaching other unprivileged children and children with special needs.

  • To provide an awesome volunteering opportunity for secondary students


Our vision is to be the most student-centered initiative:

  • "Quality Education for all" and provide free lessons to unprivileged and special children. We are committed to fueling the next generations of students with the power of students to positively lead and engage in our world.

  • To provide an awesome volunteer experience to all high school/college students.


1) For students, proudly by students

We let students do and we let students grow.

2) Empathy

We do what we do for the benefit of all, students and instructors alike.

3) Giving

Whether it's giving knowledge and opportunities to the students we serve or teach unprivileged children and children with special needs from the funds raised.

4) Communication

Collaborating with a team all from remote locations and serving clients virtually can be challenging, but it's much more fluent when excellent communication takes place.

5) Diversity

We believe that diversity leads to better outcomes for everyone and is essential in the increasingly globalized world we live in.

6) Innovation

We value innovation because it brings new change and ideas to pursue and keeps us running.

Our Impact

Student Testimonials

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only ₹ 150 / lesson

100% of the proceeds go towards teaching other non-previlideged children and children with special needs

1 hour lesson/week

run entirely by not-for-profit volunteers

How You Can Help

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What do you need?

  • Your Big Brain!

  • Passion to learn- The most important so far

  • Computer with a good Internet Connection

  • Webcam + Microphone (working condition)

  • Earphones / Headphones (preferred to reduce echo)

  • Computer supporting Google Meet Requirements

  • Notebook + Pencil